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As informed last week we have been having problems with our show system and we will now be going over to
We are waiting for EntryMaster to put the final touches on our system and are hoping this will be up and running by the end of the week.
The CLOSING DATE for entries will now be 1st July, 2022 - there will only be one closing date and one entry fee.
Any questions please let us know -

Alison Kent has very kindly offered a £100 cash prize to the winner of the AMATEUR RIDDEN CHAMPIONSHIP.   

She is keen to encourage amateur riders, the often forgotten members of the AHS, to enter and enjoy their day at the Nationals. 

So calling all amateur riders,  enter now and be in with a chance of winning that £100! 

Please take the time to complete this form, as it provides the information for the office to be able to process your entries.

There is space to enter the details of four horses, You will need to enter at least one, if you are entering less than four please ignore the additional boxes - If entering more than four please email the additional details to

Once you have completed and submitted this form, you will be taken to the online shop - where you will be able to "select\purchase"  the classes you wish to enter.

If you have already completed Forms A-E manually and would like to send them by Post or Fax, but pay your entrys on line please click here to be taken to a payment screen.

If you have not got a membership no as you will be joining whilst completing these entries - please put New in the box above.
If you are entering more than 4 horses please send the additional details by email
Member needs to be the registered owner or leasee of the Horse to be entered.

When you have filled in these details - please check carefully that the entrys are correct - when you have submitted these details - you will now be taken to the page where you can add the class numbers to your basket to complete the entry

If you need to supply any additional information please use the box at the bottom of this page or

Please remember to add the £5 first aid levy for every exhibitor - or your entry will not be accepted.

Please also remember to pay the £25 refundable deposit for Stabling

Once you have completed the form if it doesn't automatically direct you to the webshop, please click here to purchase the classes, stabling and other extras you require.  WEBSHOP
Thank you for entering the national show, don't forget to go to the webshop and purchase your "classes, First Aid, Stabling" and any other requirements.
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