Arab Horse Society
Shows & Events Committee 

It is the responsibility of each individual show to fix its calendar date and the AHS is unable to have any jurisdiction over chosen dates.

However Show Organisers are invited to inform the Arab Horse Society of their chosen dates if they would like to have them listed here.

2020 Proposed Dates

South West Arab Horse Group Spring Show             19th April, 2020

Cancelled - The Cumbrian Arab Show                       2nd May, 2020 - Cancelled 

Norfolk & Suffolk Arabian Horse Group                      17th May, 2020

Ridden Arab Group Wales Spring Show                     17th May, 2020

The Northern Show                                                    14th June, 2020   

South West Arab Horse Group Summer 'C' Show     28th June, 2020

South East Arabian Horse Group Summer Show       8th August, 2020

Crabbet Show                                                             23rd August, 2020

Ridden Arab Group Wales Autumn Show                   27th September, 2020