Arab Horse Society
Shows & Events Committee 

Organisers wishing to affiliate their shows to the Arab Horse Society are able to download the document  Conditions and Information for Affiliated shows which includes wording for schedules.  They can then submit the Affiliation Form.
The following documents are available to download.   Please note that some may take a little while to download
AHS Rules for Showing 2022

Small Shows Scheme

The Society is very keen to encourage the  many small shows across the UK to become affiliated to the Society.  In the past, show organisers have told us that they would like their shows to be affiliated but they are unable to find judges in their area who can cover both the in-hand and the ridden classes.  The Society has developed a scheme that will allow more shows to affiliate.  The scheme will allow the shows and the exhibitors to have the benefit of the hight quality judges on the AHS Judges Panel and the use of Society Rules.

The scheme involves expanding the existing Judges List to allow suitably qualified ridden judges to judge in-hand classes, and in-hand judges to judge ridden classes from the ground, at affiliated shows that fit a set criteria.

Criteria for shows to qualify to appoint a judge from the list:

Not to be  an ECAHO Show, a HOYS qualifying show or the British Arabian Championship Show.

Previous year entries are not have exceeded thirty horses across all Arab classes.

See the AHS List of Judges, DCs and Stewards for the expanded list.