Arab Horse Society
Shows & Events Committee 

The Stages of the AHS Judges Training and Assessment Process

To become an AHS Ridden Judge or AHS In Hand Judge

IN HAND PJI's   These are intended to be educational and are useful for those who are new to the breed, new to showing or maybe still at the stage of considering owning an Arab as well as to those who are interested in training to be a judge.  AHS judges will talk about type and conformation and about ring procedure, etiquette, rules, etc.  Questions and discussion are welcome.  Anyone who has pre-declared is able to take part in assessing a class of horses and will receive AHS mark sheets after the event.

RIDDEN PJI's   Participants take part in a ridden class and are assessed only on their riding ability.  The horse is not judged and, in fact, need not be an Arabian.  The object of the PJI is to ascertain that riders are competent before being invited for further training where they will be expected to ride horses which belong to other people.  Participants will be marked out of 10 for style, turnout, seat, leg position and use, hands, posture and balance, mounting and dismounting, knowledge of ring procedure.  Not everyone that enters necessarily wants to become a judge and a class of this sort may well be useful for a novice horse on its first trip out as well as for the curious and the class addict. Participants will receive AHS mark sheets ater the event.


Application to start training to join the ECAHO Judges List

 Judges wishing to apply to attend an ECAHO Judges Training Course must first have written approval from their National Organisation.  The AHS is able to make this approval for AHS Listed Judges who submit to the Chairman of the S&E Committee a list of at least five ECAHO shows (or shows of similar standard) at which they have judged pure breds during the last five years.  Three of the shows must be UK shows.  Dates and venues to be included.